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Program Activities

Each program activity is designed to meet the individual needs of the participants in the program.

Activity 1: By October 15th of each Project year, select and assess a cohort of new participants to bring the Project to its authorized number of 190 participants.

Activity 2: The Project offers academic tutoring to enable students to complete postsecondary courses, including instruction in reading, study skills, and mathematics. The Project also offers tutoring to all Project participants needing tutorial assistance.

Activity 3: The Project provides academic advising and assistance in course selection to Project participants each semester.

Activity 4: The Project assures that 100% of Project participants are offered sufficient financial aid to which they are entitled by providing two workshops on both the full range of federal student financial aid programs and benefits (including Federal Pell Grant awards and loan forgiveness) and resources for locating public or private scholarships. The Project also provides assistance in completing financial aid applications, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Activity 5: The Project provides 100% of Project participants with counseling services, educational opportunity, and guidance to improve their financial and economic literacy by providing three workshops on financial planning and by advising them to participate in a family finance course.

Activity 6: The Project provides two workshops per year to junior and senior participants on graduate/professional school admissions and on obtaining financial assistance.

Activity 7: The Project trains students to use computer resources in computer labs.

Activity 8: The Project provides personal conferences for 100% of participants.

Activity 9: The Project offers one or more cultural events each semester to promote a positive campus climate and appreciation of cultural diversity for 100% of participants.

Activity 10: The Project offers career advisement to participants throughout the year.

Activity 11: The Project provides language tutors for 100% of students for whom English is a second language.

Activity 12: The Project provides eligible transfer students with transcript evaluations, major requirement sheets, and financial aid application forms as requested.