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What is SSS


Student Support Services is a federally funded TRiO program designed to provide specific activities and services for 204 bachelor degree students on the Logan campus. These students are in need of academic support and meet at least one, if not more, of the following criteria: 1) low income, 2) first generation, and/or 3) have a documented disability. The services provided are based on the operation plan described in detail in the grant proposal document. The program is awarded funding based on this proposal, making it the official contract between USU and the US Department of Education in Washington, DC. USU Student Support Services Project is 77% federally funded at $321,755 annually. The Principal Investigator for this grant is Dennis Kohler, the SSS Program Administrator.

Our Vision

The Student Support Services will be an exemplary TRiO program for its best practices in serving disadvantaged students by providing "holistic and integrated services" at Utah State University, the state of Utah, and the region.

Our Mission

Student Support Services seeks to support disadvantaged students who have potential to meet the challenges of higher education by strengthening and developing their academic and self-management skills. Its focus is to insure that participants in the program have a realistic chance to persist in school and graduate from Utah State University. To accomplish these objectives Student Support Services provides services to enhance students' academic success, personal skills, and social skills. Providing services in these areas corresponds to the University's mission to support students' intellectual development, personal growth, and community advancement.

To implement the program's aims as outlined in its mission statement, the Utah State University Student Support Services program focuses on five major goals:

  1. Recruit eligible students who meet federal low income, disability, and/or first generation guidelines.
  2. Increase the retention of disadvantaged students in the University.
  3. Increase the academic success of eligible students by increasing their GPA.
  4. Increase the number and percent of disadvantaged students who graduate from the University.
  5. Increase the number and percent of disadvantaged students who pursue graduate or professional schooling.
SSS is currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. The application link is on the How to Apply Page

MUST be part of Student Support Services in order to enroll in any SSS course (Math 0995-003, Math 1050-004, Stat 1045-002,              USU 1730-012, USU 1750-001, and USU 1750-002). There are no exceptions to this rule, due to federal grant stipulations. Students are no longer allowed to enroll in the SSS courses for the Fall 2019 semester. 

Current SSS students do not need to reapply, you continue in the program until graduation as long as you reactivate. Just stop by the office and complete a reactivation form.